Compilation of useful tools and sites for Twitch


Twitch has grown tremendously over the last few years and so has the amount of tools and websites which support Twitch. Therefore it is important to have a compilation of useful tools and sites that help assist users.

Below are many categories of different programs and websites that help make your user experience with Twitch much more delightful. It is in no way a complete list and will be upgraded regularly.

Broadcast Software

  • OBS – Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source software that comes with a large amount of built-in features and plugins. For many, OBS is the preferred live streaming software because of its flexibility and it includes many of the same features as paid software.
  • XSplit – A paid streaming software that is extremely easy and simple to use but lacks features that are continuously being added to OBS. It’s not clear whether the simplicity and ease of use of the software is worth the monthly costs.
  • FFSPLIT – Another freeware that allows you to capture or record your desktop. Has plenty of features but is still growing and may not be as complete as OBS.
  • Wirecast – An all-in-one live streaming software that is more tailored towards professional tier broadcasting. 
  • Mishira – Completely free and open source. Development goals are very similar to OBS, though it should be noted that the development of Mishira has been put on hold since August 2014. 
  • Dxtory  Movie capture tool for DirectX and OpenGL Applications. Data is directly acquired from the memory buffer and thus it works at very high-speeds with a small work load. A less resource intensive software than OBS or XSplit. 
  • Gameshow – Livestreaming software very similar to Wirecast. It comes with a 60-day free trial then requires a monthly paid subscription.

Twitch Bots

  • Nightbot – A popular Twitch chat bot used for a variety of tasks, but mainly for moderation. The web dashboard makes it clean and simple for moderation.
  • MoobotSimilar to Nightbot but with a few additional features. Some features may require a donation to use.
  • Deepbot –  A bot that is focused on customization and social features such as mini games and loyalty points. It currently does not filter spam or offensive material. Requires a small donation to use and additional features may require monthly fees.
  • Xanbot – A Twitch bot developed by a Twitch staff. It comes with many features but does not have a dashboard. Unlike Nightbot and Moobot, Xanbot is controlled via chat commands.
  • SpottyBot – As the name suggests, SpottyBot is a Spotify bot used to play TOS compliment music via your desktop Spotify application. Using this bot ensures none of your VODs are muted while you enjoy your music.

Donation Services

  • TwitchAlerts Simple, easy to set up, and used by many top streamers. It is versatile and has many customization options. Previously TwitchAlerts took a 1% cut from tips and donations, but now it is 100% free to use their service.
  • StreamTip – Another popular donation tool and has many built-in features. Though it is free to use, StreamTip does take a small percentage from your donations.
  • Support The StreamGreat alternative to TwitchAlerts/StreamTip and is simple and powerful for tracking donations and alerts. It is 100% free to use.
  • Donation-Tracker – Similar to other platforms and has many of the same features. The ability to live track your donations from PayPal.
  • Patreon – A crowd funding platform for content creators. Fans can support you through recurring monthly payments. You may need additional plugins to make it popup on stream. 
  • Treat Stream – This one might seem a bit bizarre but viewers can actually buy you food. Treat Stream acts as a third party and handles all your information to guarantee its kept secure and confidential. Any and all fees are paid for the viewer.

Twitch Trackers (display followers/donations)

  • TwitchAlerts – This multi-purpose tool can be used to display followers, subscribers, donations, and more. Can be used to accept donations and keep track of it.
  • TNotifier – Displays last subscriber, follower, or donation in real time. Many more incredible features and completely free. Integrates with Twitch, XSplit and Streamtip.  
  • Sub-Alert A small Window application runs on your machine that will alert you every time you get a new follower, subscriber, or donation. This tool should be used if you aren’t using an all-in-one tool, like TwitchAlerts.
  • NightDev Follower – 
  • SocialBlade – A tracking company that can be used to find Twitch user statistics to see how well you rank and your competition.
  • Find and analyze the top and most entertaining streamers on Twitch.

Browser Extensions

  • BetterTTV – This browser extension is a must-have. It improves Twitch chat dramatically by removing spam and highlighting important chat messages. It comes with a long list of features and is highly recommended.
  • TwitchNow – Use this extension to check whether your favorite streamer is live. 
  • TwitchLive – Similar to TwitchNow. Has many of the same features and is a nice alternative to TwitchNow.

Desktop Programs

  • Chatty – A Twitch chat client for people who want to try something different, but don’t want the complexity of an IRC client. It has many of the same features as Twitch web chat and more. 
  • TeeBoard A desktop alternative to Twitch dashboard. It boasts a full list of features and services. A very powerful tool with multiple functions.
  • Hex Chat – An IRC client that can be used to view Twitch chat.

Audio Programs

  • Snip – Used to display song information such as artist and track name on your stream when listening to Spotify. Can be quite useful when used in conjunction with SpottyBot.
  • AutoDuck – As the name suggests, AutoDuck is a software for live auto ducking. It will automatically decrease the volume of any application/game and increase your microphone/input volume. 
  • VirtualAudioCables – Allows you to transfer audio streams between application and devices. This is useful if you want to listen to music without broadcasting to your stream.
  • Breakaway Live – Good for managing audio with automatic volume matching and equalization. 

Server and Stream Analytics

  • JTVPing – Ping all available Twitch ingest servers and show you the average ping and jitter. Very useful for finding high performance servers with stable pings.
  • Twitch Status – This web site monitors and tracks the status of ingest servers, chat servers, and web services from Twitch.
  • R1CH’s Twitch Analyzer – Test the quality of your stream with Twitch Analyzer. The analysis can take up to 30 seconds. It can test for bitrate stability, dropped frames, video frame rate, quality check, and more.
  • Stream Hatchet – Valuable information for streamers who want to improve their viewership. Stream Hatchet offers real-time statistics, graphs and charts to track events, and weekly email reports. 
  • Muxy – Has notifications and alerts built-in. Alerts for followers, donations, and subscriptions as well as analytics to give you an unique insight from your past streams.

Miscellaneous Programs and Services

  • CPUID Hardware Monitor – Monitor your CPU and GPU temperature with this nifty utility. It can help you identify and troubleshoot problems within your PC.
  • – Use this to stream on multiple platforms at the same time. It’s free and it works flawlessly. 
  • Livestreamer GUI – A graphical interface for the command-line Livestreamer. You can watch Twitch from your desktop instead of from Twitch web. 
  • Livestreamer – Same thing as above but without the graphical interface.