Amazon Kindle: With or Without Special Offers


What is Amazon Special Offers? 

Basically Special Offers is a clever way of saying advertisements. It is a subscription service that places advertisements in your Kindle and in exchange you pay a lower price. If you choose to opt-out then you will have to pay extra. The advertisements are mostly non-intrusive and features daily deals on Amazon. Most if not all Kindle devices are eligible for Special Offers.

Eligible Devices: 

  • Kindle
  • Kindle Paperwhite
  • Kindle Voyage
  • Kindle Fire HD
  • Kindle Fire HDX

For a full list of eligible devices click here.

Deals with Special Offers 

You may be wondering about the type of advertisements shown by Amazon Special Offers. Typically the adverts are closely related to your Kindle product such as popular titles or upcoming books. Other deals include digital content such as mp3 or TV series or sometimes even free $5 Amazon gift cards. The point is, Special Offers will offer discounts or deals on select products that help you save money.

How intrusive is Special Offers? 

Ever since the earliest days of the internet, intrusive advertisements have plagued the web. Since then, advertisements have a negative reputation and is often associated with adware that slow down your computer and ruin your overall experience.

Amazon’s Special Offers is different. It’s not adware and will not take anything away from your experience. It’s different from traditional advertisements and is less intrusive and annoying.

The advertisements only show up on your screensaver or lockscreen. As soon as you begin using the device, the advertisements disappear. When you stop using it, it reappears.

It is probably the least intrusive ad system. As a matter of fact, many people are willfully subscribing to Special Offers even after paying extra to have them removed.

Subscribing to Special Offers 

As I said above, some people are deliberately subscribing to Amazon Special Offers. But why would they subscribe to an ad service on a device they paid in full for? By subscribing to Amazon Special Offers, they receive daily deals on popular books and upcoming titles.

Instead of having a static screensaver, they get a dynamic screensaver that changes every time they open their Kindle. Generally the screensavers are beautiful book covers and will improve the appearance of your Kindle.

Because the adverts are not intrusive in nature and do not degrade the reading experience, the special offers program is used as a form of newsletter. It’s awesome to have ads tailored to you and being able to make purchases quickly and easily from your Kindle.

Best of all, your Kindle is more affordable with special offers. The Kindle will cost $79 versus $99. The Paperwhite $119 versus $139. And Kindle Voyage from $199 to $219.

Alternatively if you don’t like special offers you can easily opt-out and have it removed.

Unsubscribing to Special Offers 

The argument against special offers is understandable. After all you just made a purchase on a device and shouldn’t be expected to pay extra to remove advertisements.

It shouldn’t even exist by default. Many of Kindle’s competitors offer e-readers at similar price points but none of them impose additional payment to remove advertisements.

For those who initially bought Kindle with special offers, you can unsubscribe by making a one-time payment of $20. For Kindle Fire owners, the price to unsubscribe is slightly less at $15.

Essentially you are paying the extra $20 you would’ve paid if you bought the version without special offers.

So, if you purchased the Kindle without special offers, you can unsubscribe or subscribe at any time free of charge.

The Bottom Line 

There aren’t many downsides to using special offers, since the advertisements are hardly noticeable. Whether or not you choose to have “Special Offers” is really up to your personal preference.

Think about it this way. By using special offers, you are effectively saving $20 right off the bat. But if the ads really bother you (they shouldn’t), then you can always have them removed down the line for $20.

My advice is to give it a try for a few weeks and if you don’t like it then have it removed later.