6 Popular tools to enhance Twitch experience


1. BetterTTV


BetterTTV is a browser add-on that is compatible with Chrome and Firefox. It is a must have tool for all Twitch users. BetterTTV has a long list of features that will greatly improve your overall experience with Twitch.

Perhaps my favorite feature is the option to modify the Twitch interface. You can select a darker theme for Twitch, which greatly enhances your viewing experience.

Some notable features include showing or removing deleted messages, blacklisting or highlighting certain words, and translating chat messages simply by double clicking.

Twitch chat is frequently plagued with spam but with BetterTTV you can remove much of it by blacklisting certain words or phrases. Alternatively you can highlight certain words or usernames to make them stand out from all the spam.

For more information go to the official BetterTTV website.

2. OddShot


OddShot is used to generate instant highlight reels from gaming streams. It is perfect for capturing entertaining and exciting moments without recording the entire stream. The most appealing aspect is the ease of use and it is why OddShot has grown tremendously among the gaming community.

It takes seconds to capture your favorite moment and share it with everyone. Simply install OddShot on Chrome and type “!shot” in Twitch chat to record your moment. No need to pre-record entire streams, the last 40 seconds will be captured once you type “!shot”.

It should be noted that there are glaring flaws with OddShot. Despite being extremely easy to use, the playback may be slow on OddShot.tv. After capturing moments with OddShot, you may want to convert it over to YouTube for better playback.

OddShot is only compatible with Chrome at the moment, click and install the extension here.


Twitch has notifications by default but it is often unreliable. Twitch will notify you when someone is streaming through email or MMS services if you are a subscriber. There are better ways to make sure you never miss a stream.

Below are two notification services that will notify you when your favorite streamer goes live. Each service has its own pros and cons, so I recommend you give both of them a try.

3. Twitch Live

Twitch Live

Twitch Live is a Twitch TV extension that will display your favorite channels that are currently live. Once installed, Twitch Live will place a small monitor/TV icon on the top right of your browser window. Clicking on the window will display all the channels that you follow and whether they are currently live.

Twitch Live can be easily configured to notify you when a channel goes live. The downfall of Twitch Live is if you are following more than 25 channels because it can be quite annoying having large amounts of alerts.

Click here to install Twitch Live extension.

4. Twitch Now

Twitch Now

Twitch Now is very similar to Twitch Live but it comes with a lot more functionality. Similar to Twitch Live, Twitch Now will have a small icon on the top right of your browser window. But instead of having to add channels to the list, it will automatically have all the channels you follow.

Twitch Now is essentially a portable version of the Twitch website. All the functionality of the Twitch website is available from Twitch Now. You can filter  channels based on games, use Twitch’s search engine, and browse top streamers on Twitch. It has an aesthetically beautiful interface and is recommended over Twitch Live.

Click here to install Twitch Now extension.

5. ReChat


ReChat is a handy tool to have when watching Twitch VODs. When watching Twitch VODs there always seems to be something missing. ReChat aims to recreate the experience you feel when watching live Twitch streams. With ReChat, you are able to not only watch the video stream again, but you are able to see the corresponding chat messages. It is straightforward and easy to use. Simply install ReChat and experience VODs as if you are watching live.

ReChat is compatible with a wide variety of browsers, so click here to go to the official homepage.

6. Chatty

Chatty is a Twitch chat client for people who want to try something different. It is a desktop application that comes with many amazing features. With Chatty you can easily open streams with your browser or use livestreamer for a completely web free experience.

Chatty lets you avoid the complexity of an IRC client but not miss out on specific features of Twitch chat. It also has a lot of features that you may find useful.

This is a bit different from the extensions that were mentioned above. It is strictly a desktop application geared towards replacing Twitch web chat. It offers more functionality and flexibility. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try something different, then definitely give Chatty a try.

Here are a list of features that is offered with Chatty.


  • Twitch specific features
    • Nick colors, emoticons, user icons (mod, sub, turbo, ..), showing bans, stream status and viewercount display and stats
    • Click on nick in chat to open dialog with moderation buttons, showing the last messages of this user (no banning the wrong user)
    • Change title/game of your stream and run commercials
    • Get notified when channels you follow go live and view a list of live streams
    • Easily open streams in your browser, or run Livestreamer out of Chatty
    • Optional compact way of showing mod/unmod/joins/parts messages
    • View a list with the most recent followers/subscribers of your channel
    • With FrankerFaceZ-Support (Emoticons & Custom Mod Icons) and BetterTTV emotes, including unified bot badge
    • Dialog with your paid emotes, channel-specific emotes, all global emotes and Twitch emotes you favorited
    • Connect with OAuth (your Twitch account password is never entered in the application)
    • Let Chatty help making Stream Highlights by adding the current stream time to a file (including optionally your moderators)
    • Show channel information like uptime, slowmode, submode (new!)
    • Experimental Whisper Support (new!)

For more information and features click here and to download the latest version of Chatty click here.