11 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Kindle

7 Reasons to Not Buy a Amazon Kindle

A Kindle offers many advantages over printed books. It’s portable and lightweight allowing you to carry it everywhere you go. Most people who own a Kindle have reported reading more since switching to E-Reading. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since people are more likely to read when they have their reading material with them all the time.

Many people enjoy reading more than one title at a time, but it’s inconvenient carrying more than a single book. And that’s where the Kindle is superior. It’s lightweight and compact structure allows you to carry it no matter where you go.

Here are 11 important reasons why you should buy a Kindle:

1You Love Reading

Our love for reading comes from many sources. Reading allows us to learn and gain knowledge by discovering new information. It expands our imagination and gives us the pleasure of escaping reality by becoming immersed in another world. We get to experience another world from the perspective of the character. Reading is an integral part of our lives, it opens up our world and is the basis for good education.

The number one most important reason for buying a Kindle is for your love of reading.If you enjoy reading then a Kindle is an inexpensive way to support your hobby. Unlike smartphones and tablets, a Kindle is a device dedicated to providing an amazing reading experience. It gives you a comfortable reading experience that you cannot get with a smartphone or tablet.

2Access Millions of Books

You get access to millions of books. Amazon has a large extensive library with full Kindle support. Not only do you have access to Amazon’s massive Kindle Store, but you can read popular newspapers daily. Kindle has 4 GB of storage, which is capable of storing thousands of ebooks. A huge advantage the Kindle has over traditional books is its ability to carry tons of books. Imagine carrying a thousand books versus carrying a Kindle.

3You Want to Reduce Eye Strain

Reading for long periods of time on a smartphone, tablet, or computer can cause eye strain. Eye strain can lead to physical fatigue, red eyes, and eye twitching. Glare and improper lighting on your computer or smartphone display may be the leading cause of eye strain. The display on Amazon’s Kindle is specially designed to prevent glare. Unlike mobile screens, Kindle does not emit light. It has been designed for an extremely comfortable reading experience.

4Internet Access No Matter Where You Go

Whether you are accessing Wi-Fi hotspots or 3G, the Kindle provides you instant access to the internet from anywhere in the world. As soon as you discover new books, you can have them immediately. It is like having a bookstore in your back pocket. As you browse, you can sample through up to 10% of the book before making your purchase. And if you like the book, you can make a purchase with a single click.

5Remove common Distractions

As more books are becoming digital, more people have are beginning to read their books on their smartphones. While smartphones are convenient and great for occasional reading, its multi-functioning capabilities can cause huge distractions while you read. The worst thing to happen is getting immersed in your reading only to be distracted by an incoming call, email message, or a Facebook pop-up. These distractions do not allow you to truly read and absorb the knowledge or enjoyment out of the experience.

If you want to stay engaged while reading and remove distractions, then purchasing a dedicated e-reader is the way to go. Unlike a multi-functional smartphone, an e-reader’s sole function is to provide a high quality reading experience.

6It’s Similar to a Book

All fonts have been fine-tuned at a pixel level to perform like an actual book. The text is perfectly calibrated with sharp dark text which help maximize readability. You can add notes to the margin of all your pages. As well as edit, delete, or even transfer notes to other devices. With it’s built in feature, Page Flip, you can easily flip through pages and chapters without losing your place.

7It has Advanced Features

There are many features that make the Kindle similar to a book, but it also comes with advanced features. The Kindle has a built-in dictionary from the New Oxford American Dictionary to provide instant definition look-ups while you read. You can easily translate foreign words or highlighted sections using Kindle’s integrated Bing Translator. Using Whispersync technology you can synchronize your last page read and annotations across all your devices.

X-Ray lets you explore popular passages from the entire book that other readers have highlighted. Passages include relevant ideas, fictional characters, or topics of interest. You can share highlighted sections with your friends and family on social media.

8Access Large Collection of Ebooks for Free

There is a large amount of titles that is available entirely free of charge. Most of these titles are books that have fallen off from the public domain, but there are a large number of self-published books available. There is also a large number of free classics available.

9You can Sample Before You Buy

One of the best things while browsing through a book store is sampling pages from books before making your purchase. Amazon has a large extensive library of samples. You can download and sample up to 10% of a book before deciding to buy.

10It’s a Perfect Travel Companion

Keep yourself entertained and engaged while traveling. Whether you are traveling alone or waiting in transit, a Kindle is the perfect companion to keep you happy. You can charge your Kindle before you travel and avoid bringing extra cables. Bring more than you can possibly read and if you’re missing something, download it directly to your Kindle from anywhere in the world.

11You Like Customization

Kindle offers many different options to personalize your Kindle to make it truly yours. You can improve your reading experience by selecting a font perfect for you. Or choosing from a selection of font sizes to make it easier to read small text. The same cannot be said about physical books. If you prefer customization, then a Kindle is perfect for you.

My Recommendation:

If you love reading then do not hesitate to buy a Kindle today, it is well worth the investment. Amazon produces some of the best e-reader’s on the market. There is an affordable option for everyone. The starting price for the original Kindle is just $79, the Paperwhite at $119, and finally the Voyage at $199.